2022 -Challenges abound
We are very thankful for everyone that visited us last year in search of their best pumpkin . The 2022 Halloween season getting closer and it is is with heavy hearts we have to share some not so great news. We will not be open to the public this coming fall of 2022. Due to a difficult spring season weather wise – we were not able to plant as many pumpkins as needed. We are very sorry that we can not help spread the Halloween spirt and will miss those that have come to our humble little patch in the past.

We plan to come back strong in 2023 and hope to see you all back again! Thank you again very much for visiting us – and look forward to when we can have you searching for the ultimate pumpkin once again.

Welcome to the Harris Pumpkin Patch! We are a family run patch that has been serving the community in Maple Ridge B.C for over 30 years. You can get your boots mucky as you search for the perfect pumpkin or choose from our hand selected ones on display.

There is No Admission to come pick at the patch.


The Harris Pumpkin Patch has been serving the Maple Ridge community for over 30 years and the current mastermind of the patch Steve Harris works tirelessly to improve the crop year after year. It starts in the late spring when Steve decides which types to plant and starts planning out the rows. Fast forward to Autumn and the first week after Thanksgiving when we open up for families to come get their boots dirty and find the best pumpkin for them.


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  • Early shots of the 2021 crop